$2500 per month for Life. Imagine being part of an exclusive club that makes you wealthy just by owning an NFT
An Exclusive Club of valuable NFTs
Join a small, exclusive club of NFT Collectors who own a vault containing valuable digital assets including land in the Metaverse, NFTs and more. The assets inside the vault will be determined only by Owners of a TABBY NFT. Proceeds from the mint and royalties will be used to purchase these.
Fractionalised Vault
The assets in the vault will be split into smaller pieces by issuing a TABBY token. The token will be earned through staking an NFT. Tokens can also be bought on Raydium. Owning a token means owning a fraction of the community vault.
Redeem your tokens
When we liquidate (sell) the community vault once every year, TABBY NFT owners can swap their TABBY tokens for SOL. As a TABBY NFT owner you can redeem your tokens for cool things along the way as well!

Stake your NFT on our website to earn TABBY tokens - the more you own, the more you earn!


If you hold one of the unique variants like "Founder" or "Genesis" editions, you will earn 10x to 5x more tokens than the regular NFTs


Our TABBY Launchpad helps other NFT projects grow with the help of our network, expertise and community using NFTs for Pre-Sale. No more buying and staking launchpad tokens for a month! (our community vault receives NFTs in return).

You can earn tokens by contributing and showing support for Launchpad projects across multiple Blockchains.


TABBY NFT owners get access to real-world events, access to TABBY Lounges in the Decentraland Metaverse as well as exclusive events and yacht parties. NFT owners who attend these will be eligible to win significant TABBY prizes.

We will also reward those members that provide invaluable contributions to our community!

Q - 2022
* 10 Founder Edition NFTs will be minted on the solana blockchain and sold in our initial sale.
TABBY SPL token will be minted on Solana Blockchain.
Token Sale to be held in February 2022.
Q1 - 2022
Community votes will be hosted for the digital assets that will be purchased and stored in the vault. Our community vault is set up and fractionalised.
Community events are introduced.
TABBY Merch coming …
After Founder NFT Sold out, 1000 TABBY Genesis NFTs will be launched. 1 SOL Each.
Q2 - 2022
After Genesis NFT Sale, final 1000 TABBY Elite NFTs will be launched.
A portion of mint proceeds and 100% of the royalties will be utilized as the initial funding for the vault.
The staking website is launched alongside the TABBY token allowing holders to stake their NFTs to receive daily TABBY rewards. (more on this once the time comes). Surprise up our sleeves!
Q3 - 2022
Second generation of TABBY NFTs will be launched called EXCLUSIVE Edition! (More info will be announced)
Another community vote will be hosted to decide on the next assets to be added to the community vault. The winning asset will then be bought and added to the vault.
TABBY Launchpad will be created where we can help other nft projects grow with the help of our network.
Q4 - 2022
Community vault will be sold. The holders will be able to sell their TABBY tokens for SOL.
Season 2
Q1 - 2023
Season 2 will start TBA!
Additional benefits for the owners
Holders receive access to our VIP discord giving them access to our signals, giveaways, classes and more! We have an experienced team of analysts that will provide valuable knowledge.
A vibrant and engaged community is the heartbeat of this project. We will host competitions and giveaways throughout our journey.
We believe the whole community should have a say alongside us on our journey. We will have votes for future digital assets that will be bought for our community vault. We will also host votes on which projects we should take into our launchpad.
TABBY x Metaverse
We will own land in Metaverses to showcase our vault and NFTs. There will also be events hosted inside the metaverses.
Merch drops
Exclusive TABBY merch for holders. More info to be announced!
more to come!
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